Black Owl Biochar's Watershed & Runoff Rx (TM) was engineered to with our  Environmental Ultra (TM) product to remove nutrient runoff such as phosphorous and nitrogen.  It is also created to capture arsenic,  CODs, TSS and heavy metals.  Watershed & Runoff Rx prevents leaching and percolation of most common sources of field and residential pollutants associated with fertilizers, manures and household products. 

Furthermore, research has shown, Black Owl Biochars have the properties to inhibit the trans-location of E.coli and Salmonella.  

Watershed & Runoff Rx can be utilized on slopes and is available in waddles. 

You can purchase a 1.25 quart sample for testing.  To coordinate and customizing large orders as well as arrange for shipping please email us at: Info@BiocharSupreme.com or call at (360) 927-9974

Available in bulk, socks and waddles. 

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