Available Spring/Summer, 2014.  To pre-order, email us at: Info@BiocharSupreme.com

1.25 Quart Bag(s) $16       
1 Cubic Foot Bag(s) $48       
1 Cubic Yard Tote(s)  * Email For Bulk Quantities     

Black Owl Biochar's Buxom Blossom (TM) has, at its base Black Owl Biochar's Premium Organic  product  which provides benefits unlike any other amendments. 

This specialty, all-inclusive, soil additive, Buxom Blossom was formulated after our first-hand experience using it on our, chemical-free flower farm.  it was with special excitement that we'd realized utilizing our biochar-based complex resulted in exceptionally-sized blossoms on vigorous plants.  The results were exquisite flowers, sought after internationally. 

Buxom Blossom is made ingredients finely balanced for optimized flowering.   At its base, Buxom Blossom includes Black Owl Premium Organic Biochar.  Research has demonstrated that it significantly contributes to:

  • water-holding capacity of soil media (less watering)
  • enhanced areation and development of the roots
  • nutrient retention and bioavailability
  • exceptionally sized blooms
  • quicker maturing, more vigorous plants 
  • statistically-significant greater number of blossoms

University research, and our experience in the field, suggests that plants are more resistant to certain fungal diseases when specially-designed biochar is added to the soil. 

Skillful refinement and blending of specialty biochar, vermicompost tea, a full complement of essential minerals and other organic ingredients enhance the soil-plant relationship.

Black Owl Biochar's Buxom Blossom (TM) is abundantly worth of its name!

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