Mellow Mix

Available Spring/Summer, 2014.  To pre-order email us at:

1.25 Quart Bag(s) $20     
1 Cubic Foot Bag(s) $78     
1 Cubic Yard Tote(s) * Email For Bulk Quantities    


B.O.B.'s Mellow Mix (TM) has moxey!  Mellow Mix, with Black Owl Biochar's Premium, Organic approval product is designed as a top-notch, one additive for your potting mix and/or garden soil. 

Science and art went into the design of this premiere, biochar-based, fully-balanced and mineral-enhanced super-formula. 

Mellow Mix is specially-formulated with organic approval ingredients, including vermicompost tea, fungi, rock dust and a plethora of other first-class nutrients to create delicious outcomes.

This product contains an abundance of diversity, combining to refined flavor and encourage vigorous and prolific budding. 

Experience the mighty Mellow Mix qualitative and quantitative differences utilizing your favorite potting soil and understand why it is known as extraordinary among growers.

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