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Two Areas of focus of Research and Product development have been AGRICULTURE/HORTICULTURE and ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION.

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Knowing that the properties of Biochars can vary widely in their efficacy for either broad catagory, we spent the last several years creating 

1st Class products in both Groups.  The products are well known for their prenium quality and consistency, and are organic approved.  The processing is different than that of other biochars.  They have been fully tested and do not have PAH, or PCB's as can be common in biochars.  They are the result of special handling, sourced of fresh, virgin, forest residue diverted from smokey open-burn slash piles or the waste stream at a landfill.  

All of Biochar Supreme's products are very high in organic carbon.  They provide geo-chemical-bioclogic benefits to soil unlike those provided by compost and other amendments. 

sequesters Carbon, prevents the biomass from degradation to CO2 for thousands of years, and serves functions of improving soil ecosystems, which results in greater biomass, that pulls CO2 from the atmosphere.

Our Black Owl Biochar products are available online, through local distributors and retail distributors or contacting Biochar Supreme, LLC directly (for large bulk orders). 

5 Products for a range of Horticulture and Agronomic Uses are listed below.

5 Additional Products targeting specific Environmental Challenges, including Stormwater pollution, leaching of nutrients, and remediation of degraded ecological

sites like mine-destroyed ecosystems, or wetlands, riparian or  marine environments tainted by numerous toxic materials, or COD/

Over and over these products have proven themselves to be unequal in the benefits they were created to provide.

All our efforts have been to create products that were needed to restore soils, water, and air, and do it sustainably, which we have done in the creation of Black

Owl Biochar, which, as it is being processed provides clean, green, energy while sequestering gases that are normally associated with pollution or Greenhouse

gases.  These are products that are doing good while doing well and are intended for use by home gardeners to large environmental engineering projects.

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