Rich Brix Mix

Available Spring/Summer, 2014.  Email us to pre-order at:

1.25 Quart Bag(s) $16     
1 Cubic Foot Bag(s) $48     
1 Cubic Yard Tote(s) * Email For Bulk Quantities    

For the gardener interested in health, BOB's Rich Brix Mix with Black Owl Biochar's Premium, Organic approval product at its base, is a full compliment of biochar, combined with minerals, biotic ingredients, organic nutrients for substantial soil benefits.  

Soils are:

  • Enriched
  • Remineralized
  • Restored Eco-communities

Rich Brix Mix healthier and fertile soil and enhances soil's physical, mineral and ecological health.  

Taste the difference complete soil fertility makes. 

Black Owl Biochar Rich Brix (TM) is coming soon in: 

  • 1.25 Quart bags
  • Cubic Foot bags
  • Cubic Yard totes

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