In engineering this  Environmental Ultra-based product, we studied the interaction of concentrations of toxic cocktails found in mines and industrial areas.  

B.O.B.'s Heavy Metal Rx is an exceptional biochar with efficacy equal to, and in some cases better than activated carbon, costing as much as a tenth of the cost. 

It makes in-situ remediation possible and eliminates the bioavailability of heavy metals and toxins so that areas devoid of plant life can be revegetated. Therefore preferred site development is possible.  These soil benefits are not achieved by activated carbon.  Heavy Metals Rx is is equally effective in water filtration and aqueous environments. 

You can purchase a 1.25 quart sample for testing.  To coordinate and customizing large orders as well as arrange for shipping please email us at: Info@BiocharSupreme.com or call at (360) 927-9974. 

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