Stormwater Mix

Black Owl Biochar's Specialty Stormwater Mix (TM) is the ultimate biochar-based media solution for stormwater, targeting compliance with EPA and the Department of Ecology mandates for street runoff, building sites, municipalities and industrial sites. 

The biochar used in this blend includes our Environmental Ultra, with approximately 800 square meters of surface area per gram, a very high porosity and very high activity.  It can hold 9 times its weight in water.  Stormwater Mix is capable of removal rates of 99% + of COD, TSS, Cu, Zn, Cd and a host of other contaminants and is also very effective at removing Mercury

Black Owl Biochar Stormwater Mix has the ideal particle size for most bio-retention systems and is capable of sorbing and filtering water with results comparable to activated carbon, at a much lower cost.  It also creates a healthy, diverse soil habitat for biology and plants. 

Biochar is quickly being adopted as a media of choice for stormwater treatment, rapidly replacing activated carbon and other media due to its high surface area, high porosity and activity its "green benefits" to the environment and better price. 

Black Owl Biochar's Mix for Stormwater has been utilized in state-of-the-art  filtration systems, bioswales, rain gardens, landscaping, including hillsides.  Our mix can be tailored for a specific cleanup need. Black Owl Biochar's Stormwater Mix is available in bulk for large-scale projects as well as in totes or cubic foot bags for the homeowner.  

You can purchase a 1.25 quart sample for testing.  For information on coordinating and customizing large orders as well as arranging shipping for your project please email us at: or call at (360) 927-9974. 

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