Meet "B.O.B."

Meet BOB People ask us often why we named our products "Black Owl Biochar" instead of something more "eco-hip".  We thought there were many biochar products with green-themed names, all different in form and function, and we felt the similarity in names could obscure important distinctions between biochars.  We set out to give our products a "face" representing our commitment to research and wisdom, hence "Black Owl Biochar", "B.O.B.", the thinker's choice. 


Lush Forest
The Black Owl, or Greater Sooty Owl, calls the forest its home, and forests are where we derive our virgin "waste" wood to make biochar.  Owls can see through the darkness and few species have as acute vision as the black owl. The manufacturing and mixing of our Black Owl Biochar (TM) product line allows us to test and validate proprietary properties of biochar which allows Biochar Supreme, LLC to "see through the dark", when crafting solutions to vast ecological challenges.  


Amazonian Terr PretaBlack Owls can turn their heads a whopping 270 degrees or 3/4 of a full circle.  Soil science "looks back" 6000 years to study fertile soil from ancient times (the Amazonian Terra Preta), and "looks forward" to apply that knowledge, adding forward-looking ideas for uses.  Finally, Black Owls are capable of focus, and precise execution of tasks. Our state-of-the-art "B.O.B." brand is engineered to have a very high organic carbon percentage and extremely large surface area, maximizing efficacy for its intended purposes.    


Electron Microscopic Photograph of Biochar ParticleThe Black Owl Biochar line is consistently produced with the highest-quality feedstock, and green manufacturing methodology. To accomplish this, we blended science and creativity to produce optimal outcomes. Our processes are not run of the mill, and they are not reproducible on a small scale.   Our blends contain only OMRI-Listed ingredients. To learn more about our Black Owl Biochar Agriculture and Horticulture products (OMRI-Listed, CDFA and Approved material under Washington state department of agriculture organic food program ), please click here.  For our Environmental Remediation products (OMRI-Listed, and Approved material under Washington state department of agriculture organic food program ), please click here
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