Black Owl - Premium Organic Biochar

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All Black Owl Biochar (TM) products have greater than 80% Organic Carbon.  IBI defines a Class One biochar as any biochar consisting of anything greater than 60% Organic Carbon. Black Owl Biochar's Pure & Natural, Premium Organic approval Biochar is OMRI-Listed.

Check out what customers have to say about Black Owl Biochar:

As one of the few  Black Owl Biochar ("B.O.B") has become the sought after biochar, due to its consistency of its optimally-designed characteristics for: 
  • Building healthy soil
  • Hosting beneficial microbes and fungi
  • Reducing acidity Improving tilth and aeration
  • Retaining nutrients
  • Water-holding capacity = 5-9X its weight, good in droughts
  • Saving on irrigation water
An application rate of 5%-10% is typical to maximize the utility of your potting mix/soil.  BOB's particle size remains in the essential root area and won't wash through the soil like other amendments. It is therefore, typically a one-time application. 
We offer BOB's Premium Organic Biochar in quart and cubic foot bags as well as large bulk totes and truck quantities for large landscaping and agriculture projects.  If you would like to know pricing for large-scale projects, please contact us at:

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