StormwaterDuring high levels of precipitation, impervious surfaces of urban areas, (such as parking lots, roads, bridges, buildings and compacted soil) do not allow rain to infiltrate into the ground. Stormwater generates two key challenges for the environment: volume/timing of runoff water (floods) and water pollution. 


Stormwater Cleanup E.coli - BiocharWhen stormwater does not soak into the ground and becomes surface runoff, it flows directly into surface waterways or is channeled into storm sewers, which eventually discharge into surface waters such as streams, lakes, marshes and bays.  Common pollutants in stormwater include:

  • Heavy metals (such as zinc and copper)
  • E.coli bacterium
  • Nutrient leaching (phosphorous, nitrogen)


Black Owl Biochar Stormwater MixBlack Owl Biochar's Specialty Stormwater Mix is engineered to meet and exceed DOT's high bar at:

  • Cleaning stormwater
  • Slowing flow & runoff
  • Improving soil porosity 
  • Enhancing the soil matrix
  • Recharging groundwater
  • Reducing need for NPK in areas of vegetation
  • Creating a healthy, diverse soil habitat for biology & plants



Biochar Supreme, LLC can assist with design recommendations. Black Owl Biochar's Stormwater Mix is available in bulk for large-scale projects as well as in totes or cubic foot bags for the homeowner.  For samples or to order click here



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