Environmental Solutions:


Puget SoundBiochar Supreme, LLC's environmental products have outperformed its competitors time and time again in both engineering labs and in the field.  With a surface area of 800 square meters a gram, no PAHs or dioxins,  consistency remediates organic toxins, sediments and heavy metals.  It has a surface area that is competitive with that of most activated carbon.  Black Owl Biochar products are green, carbon-negative, eco-friendly relative to activated carbon.  They are also a fraction of the cost, making remediation products much more feasible, with better results. 

Black Owl Biochar products are mixed with Environmental Ultra Biochar (TM) with over 80% organic carbon, and are used frequently in stormwater filtration, soils remediation, marine preservation, L.I.D. systems, rain gardens and green roofs.

Black Owl Biochar Water TestingAs a company committed to providing environmental solutions, we have done extensive R & D to enhance and understand the material specifications best utilized for remediation media.  We have a suite of products targeting various environmental challenges.  Our Black Owl Biochar products for remediation can be purchased online and through direct communication with the company.  

All Biochar Supreme, LLC environmental products have  Environmental Ultra biochar at their base.  If you have questions regarding our environmental products please email us at: Info@BiocharSupreme.com or call at (360) 927-9974.  We can assist with additional information and arrange for bulk shipping anywhere in the US.  No project is too big or too small.

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