Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are shallow depressions planted with deep-rooted native plants and grasses. Rain gardens are positioned near a runoff source like a downspout, driveway or sump pump to capture rainwater runoff.  We are seeing a surge of investment in and creation of rain gardens in big metropolitan areas. The benefits of rain gardens are many, including:


  • Filtering runoff pollution
  • Conserving water
  • Imrpoving water quality
  • Protecting rivers and streams 
  • Removing standing water 
  • Creating habitat for birds and butterflies
  • Landscape survival during drought
  • Enhancing sidewalk aesthetics and appeal
  • Increasing economic value in the area


City of Redmond Bioswale with Environmental Ultra BiocharAn old conception of rain garden media involves a mix of compost and sand.  There is a rapid adoption of using ultra high-porosity and ultra high-activity biochar in rain gardens as it is more effective at removing toxins, provides mineral content to the vegetation, holds onto water better and is a green energy by-product. 


Black Owl Biochar - The Cool SolutionOur Black Owl Biochar Environmental Ultra (TM), is used more and more frequently in rain gardens as it has proven its effectiveness in removing heavy metals, petrochemicals, leachate and PAHs.  The characteristics of our Environmental Ultra are idea for both municipal projects as well as home landscaping projects. We will soon be adding a "Rain Garden" mix in cubic foot bags ideal for the home landscaper.


Black Owl Biochar Stormwater MixBiochar Supreme's Stormwater Mix listed for Organic Use, is one of the few biochars to have the high-porosity, high-surface area, high-activity, high cation exchange to achieve these important improvements in remediation such as rain gardens.  

We offer our B.O.B.'s Stormwater Mix raw or with a customized recipe to suit your remediation needs. To order a sample for testing, please click here. For more specific specs, please email us at info@biocharsupreme.com and we will collaborate with you on your project.


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