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Black Owl Biochar "INFUSION" (TM) adds the punch of biochar to soil fertility while recharging the soil ecosystem.  

Infusion is blend of organically-listed vermicompost tea and Black Owl Biochar's Premium Organic product.  
Together they provide powerful benefit in the revialization of soils.  Infusion has the ideal particle size to maintain soil biology and remains in the important germination and root formation area. This results in increased cation exchange and nutrient uptake and contributes to the health and vigor of plants. 
Some of its many benefits include:
  • Hosting beneficial microbes and fungi
  • Reducing acidity
  • Improving tilth
  • Increasing fertility and soil organic matter (SOM)
  • Improvement of the soil ecosystem
  • Nutrient retention & leaching reduction
  • High Water-holding capacity ( 5-9X times its weight in water)
  • Makes water available to the roots when "thirsty" 
Due to BOB's ideal particle size, surface area and mineral content, typically only one application of 5%-10% is needed. 
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