Stormwater Filtration with the use of Biochar-filled Medium Socks

Posted on May 17, 2015 by Amber Anderson

One effective and simple modality of Stormwater treatment is the use of Biochar Supreme’s Environmental Ultra in media socks.  This is particularly useful in the treatment of pipelines.  Implementation is quite simple: custom Biochar media mixture in adsorptive mesh tubing, and install them in existing Stormwater structures including basins, manholes and pipelines.

The use of socks and Biochar is being adopted more and more as an inexpensive and sustainable method for cleaning water in existing structures.  Kennedy Jenks, is on the cutting edge of this use of Biochar.  For more information about their services, visit for water filtration tips and recommendations.

For more information about ordering socks, contact Biochar Supreme, LLC at (360) 927-9974 or email

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