All About Biochar

Lush NW VegetationBiochar is a solid material resulting from the carbonization of biomass.  Carbonization is accomplished when biomass is thermally treated with little or no oxygen.  It's different from charcoal in how its creation and properties.  High quality biochar is applied  to improve soil health, filter toxins and heavy metals, retain nutrients, produce greater yields, hold water and make it bioavailable and create a "carbon sink". 

Biochar and SeedlingsHigh quality biochar is quickly being adopted in many industries - from small farming, to landscape design, to stormwater filtration to soil remediation. Many scientists conclude that the process of creating biochar, used in tandem with the incorporation of it in soils is a "carbon negative" process.  Furthermore, high porosity biochar due to its relative price and environmentally-sound production is rapidly replacing activated carbon. 

OMRI Listed Biochar - Black Owl BiocharBlack Owl Biochar (TM) is unique.  Our OMRI-Listed biochar stands out in the industry as being one of the top Class 1 biochars recognized internationally.  This is due to its exceptional feedstock (chemical-free soft wood slash that would otherwise end up in a landfill or burned), and processing.  Our biochar is a clean-energy by-product designed at the highest quality for specific applications. 


Cornell University - Black Owl Biochar ResearchBiochar Supreme's "BOB" products have been tested in several top universities, soil labs, environmental firms and independent researchers all with the same results - that our biochar is both exceptional and rare.  This is due to Black Owl Biochar's unique characteristics, including very high surface areas, porosity and water-holding capacities. 


Dr. Hugh McLaughlinHugh McLaughlin, PhD/PE, biochar researcher for over 30 years and author of the article, "All Biochars are Not Created Equal, How to Tell Them Apart" (McGlaughlin, et. al., 2009) has thoroughly tested our products and gave us an "A+" and noted that our biochar is "exceptional".  We have also seen these tremendous results consistently with customers in the field, farm, greenhouse as well as out at remediation projects. Biochar Supreme, LLC has consistently enjoyed being on the forefront of innovation and solutions for improving water and soil health. 


Redmond City Rain Gardens - Biochar Supreme, Black Owl BiocharBlack Owl Biochar Environmental Ultra (TM) has been utilized in stat-of-the-art technologies for stormwater, rain gardens, port cleanup, green roofs and soil reclamation.  Few can manufacture biochar with the top characteristics of our product. Environmental Ultra has been used to remediate and filter heavy metals, sediments, oil, NPK and POHs. Our biochar is free of volatiles and PAHs.

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