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Black Owl Biochar Upcoming ProjectsAt Biochar Supreme LLC, we actively partner and consult with leaders who challenge the status quo in ecologically sound agriculture and environmental remediation. Our biochars are very high in organic carbon and provide geo-chemical-biologic benefits to soil and water unlike those provided by compost. Our biochar medias, unlike many common biochars are OMRI-Listed, free of PAHs/PCBs and dioxins.   


Biochar ChambersIn our manufacturing process, we consistently use the highest quality feedstock, providing green energy while sequestering GHGs. We value the active monitoring of these sites, to demonstrate the efficacy of our biochars, and we equally value the relationships we forge with our business partners and colleagues.  Here is a sampling of our recent, public projects in environmental remediation and private agriculture: 

Port of Tacoma:

Port of Tacoma - Biochar Supreme, LLC Hylebos Waterway, on Marine at the Port of Tacoma had five causes of concern:

  • Turbidity
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • TSS, and
  • CODs

Bioretention Illustration - Port of Tacoma, Biochar Supreme, LLC


Engineering firm, Kennedy Jenks, spearheaded the reconstitution of bioretention treatment mechanism. This included adding Black Owl Biochar's Environmental Ultra into the filtering chambers. The 23-acre Hybleos Habitat project began its initial installations in 2013 and redesign will continue through 2017.

City of Redmond:

City of Redmond - Black Owl Biochar Environemental UltraThe City of Redmond's rain gardens, situated above its aquafier provides the city's drinking water. In response to high concentrations of zinc, copper and phosphorous, Redmond adopted state-of-the-art engineering of adding Environmental Ultra into several installments in Downtown and Overlake rain gardens.  


City of Redmond Biochar InsallmentsThe bioretention soil mix built for Redmond included 15% Black Owl Biochar's Environmental Ultra in addition to compost and sand.  Our Environmental Ultra is particularly strong in binding to heavy metals and our Stormwater Mix is very effective at binding to heavy metals such as zinc and copper. Biochar Supreme can create custom designs for specific environmental challenges. 

Southern California Saltmarshes:

Pt. Mugu Naval Base - Biochar Supreme, LLC

Biochar is being used to restore saltmarsh plant communities.  Proteus, Inc. has successfully used a biochar-compost mix to reintroduce native plants to disturbed saltmarsh and upland areas in Mugu Lagoon, the largest remaining salt marsh in southern California. Saltmarsh and upland areas are used as wildlife refuge. 


Proteus Inc. Salt Marshes, Tom McCormick's Work with Environmental UltraThe intent of this restoration work, headed by marine biologist Tom McCormick is to return disturbed sites to fully functioning self-sustaining native habitat which supports resident and migratory bird populations. Soils at these sites may be highly disturbed or not characteristic of marsh or upland soils. Biochar is being used at several restoration sites to improve soil characteristics and enable native plants to become established.


Washington State University - Puyallup:

Washington State Univeristy Stormwater trials - Biochar Supreme, LLCWSU Puyallup LID Research Program mission "is to reduce the impacts of stormwater on streams, lakes, wetlands, and coastal areas through effective, research-based application of LID management principles and practices."  Washington State University is conducting 3-year trials on Black Owl Biochar's Environmental Ultra product to:

WSU Puyallup Campus
  • Control stormwater flow within permeable bioretention systems
  • Clean up stormwater toxins
  • Support the biology of plants

McMenamin's Edgefield:

McMenamin's Edgefild - Black Owl BiocharMcMenamin's Edgefield is a historic hotel, vineyard and garden, and is often host to weddings and special events. The Edgefield's vegetable and herb garden, as well as ornamental grounds led by veteran groundskeeper, Kim Kincaid, is tended to 100% organically.  Seasonal vegetables and herbs from the garden supply the delicious ingredients for the Edgefield's Black Rabbit Restaurant & Bar


Edgefield Veggie Garden - Black Owl BiocharKim and her staff's commitment to the best eco-practices for the Edgefield's gardens led her to utilize Black Owl Biochar Premium, Organic Biochar for Agriculture & Horticulture in the composting process, in vegetable starts, in till to reduce flooding and in transplants of trees.  15% or less of a biochar application can accelerate compost, reduce odors, improve aeration, increase microbial life and increase the value of compost. 

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