Biochar & Compost - A Great Mix

Posted on November 30, 2013 by Amber Anderson

The Washington Organic Recycling Council met for its annual meeting in Vancouver, Washington in November to discuss the specific odors associated with composting and the prevention and treatment of these odors with altered composting methods.  Biochar Supreme, LLC attended and co-sponsored the event to represent the potential for biochar to:

  • Accelerate the composting process
  • Mitigate odors, and
  • Add to the value of the compost itself

At this event, Washington State University published a comprehensive review of composting practices and highlighted that an application rate of just 3% of biochar with the properties of Black Owl Biochar's Environmental Ultra, can boost the metabolism of compost, offset odors, add aeration, synergistically work with the compost, reduce need for more amendments and add value to the compost.


An abridged PDF of this study can be found here.  Biochar Supreme, LLC is working with some of the largest composting companies to improve the quality of their mixes, reduce odors and synergistically work to remediate the environment. 

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